Wireless Network Security

Wireless networking (WiFi) has become more and more ubiquitous, with many businesses using it for their own internal networking as well as providing it for their customer’s convenience. Here are a few tips to ensure the safety and security of your own WiFi network:

Avoid Simple Passwords
Our experience has shown that passwords can be problematic. Passwords can be difficult for some people to remember or too easy for an attacker to guess. Instead, consider using a simple phrase such as a favorite lyric or quote.

Change the Default Login for your WiFi AP or Router
The most common way for an attacker to break into your WiFi is to try the default usernames and passwords that come standard on the most popular brands. When selecting your equipment, be sure to select a device that allows you to change the default Admin username to something else.

Use the Latest WiFi Encryption
Any WiFi device that only supports WEP or WPA encryption, should be replaced. Both of these are trivial to crack from a laptop in just a few minutes. Be sure to purchase devices that support the latest encryption.

Update Your WiFi Router Firmware Regularly
Your WiFi router likely spent several months on warehouse and store shelves before you purchased it. Ensure that you update the firmware after you purchase it, and if your device supports it, set it to update automatically after that.

Whether you are a regular WiFi user or operate a wireless network, take a few minutes to think about your WiFi security. Frequently an afterthought in network deployments, an improperly configured Access Point or wireless router is an easy point of ingress to an attacker.

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