Business Network Security

Here are a few easy tips to secure your Business Network.

1) Physical Security – Review your physical security regularly. Make sure that no workstations (ie: lobby or other unsecured areas) are accessible by the public without supervision at any time. This may seem obvious, but when your receptionist is at lunch, either secure the lobby or have someone sit in for them.

2) Key Accounting – Keep a logbook for your office keys so that you always know exactly who has them. Be sure to keep your logbook current!

3) WiFi Security – Set a security key, even for your guest WiFi. Most wireless routers for business will let you setup an internal and a guest network. Secure both and only provide the keys to people who need them. Change your Wifi keys at least once a year.

4) Network Port Security – Block unknown computers from just plugging into an open network port with MAC address blocking. Most DHCP servers provide the ability to enter known computer MAC address while blocking everything else.

5) Regular Firewall Updates – Many firewall vendors put out monthly patches and updates for their equipment. Make sure that all of the updates are applied successfully.

6) Review All Public Systems – You should regularly review your firewall rules (especially the DMZ, if you have one) and any public facing servers to ensure that they are secure and uncompromised.

These steps can go a long way to helping you secure your network. For assistance with these and more, give us a call for a Security Audit and Review! Call 520-352-7557 to make an appointment.